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What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

  • Find an article or book you like, but it's not in the Air University Library collection? That's what ILL is for! Through ILL your item can be requested from other libraries. 

Where are electronically delivered articles and book chapters located?

  • You can find any electronically delivered journal articles and eBook chapters in your ILLiad account "Electronically Received Articles" page inside your ILLiad account.

Will ILL scan book chapters?

  • Yes but on a case by case basis. We will not scan a book chapter that's longer than 25 pages nor will we send more than one scanned book chapter at a time. 

I am an Air University distant student/Air Force Fellow. Can I request a print book?

  • At the present time Air University Library has the ability to support our distant students and Air Force Fellows, who are not located at Maxwell AFB with only electronic items.  

How soon will my ILL request arrive?

  • We strive to place your ILL Request within 3 days of your submission.  After submitting the request to libraries who show they both own the item and are willing to lend the item the time period is less certain.  We expect print books to arrive between 5 to 10 business days after the request is submitted to the lending library.  This can vary based on the time the lending library takes in filling the request.  We seek to ask libraries who we have past histories with prompt service.  Journal Articles that are delivered electronically generally arrive between 3 to 7 days after the request have been submitted and are delivered directly to your account.  

Where do I pickup and return my ILL items?

  • Pick your ILL request up and return it at the Air University Library Circulation Desk.

Can I request conference proceeding papers, dissertations and thesis papers?

  • Special type of items, such as conference proceedings, conference papers and dissertations are often not able to be requested via ILL due to how these type of materials are managed by their copyright owners.  If the proceedings, paper or dissertation/thesis is owned by another library and is located in OCLC Worldcat we can ask to borrow it. 

How do I know when my ILL request has arrived?

  • You will receive an email when your item(s) arrives. You may also log into your ILL account to check the status of your request(s). Non-electronic items are held for you to pick-up at the Air University Library circulation desk. When articles and books chapters are delivered in PDF format, please check your ILL account.

Can I request eBooks?

  • eBooks are not able to be lent via ILL due to restrictions that publishers place on those type of items. However, we can usually request eBook chapters.

How do I check on the status of my ILL request?

  • To check the current status of your requests, click “Outstanding Requests” on the “View” menu on the left side of the screen. The “Status” box displays the current status of your request.
  • Common request statuses include:
  • Awaiting Request Processing: Your request is awaiting processing by ILL staff.  We will search for potential lending libraries and send the request to them.
  • Cancelled by ILL Staff: This request was cancelled, and you should have received an email notification with a reason for the cancellation.  If you did not see the email, you can view a copy by logging in to your ILL account and clicking "Notifications" in the left menu.
  • Customer Notified via E-Mail: The item you requested has arrived, and it is ready for pickup in the ILL Office.
  • Delivered to Web: The requested document has been posted to your account for download or viewing.
  • Request Sent to Potential Lending Libraries: The request has been sent to potential lending libraries, and the ILL Office is waiting for a reply.
  • Request Finished: This request is no longer active; it has either been fulfilled or cancelled.
  • For additional information about the status of your requests, please contact the ILL Office.

What does an ILL request cost?

  • We always ask to lend for free, but sometimes the lending library does charge a fee. Students and Faculty do not have to pay this fee; the Air University Library covers any cost.

Can I renew ILL items?

  • It is not always possible for us to ask to renew ILL items.  If it is possible we can ask the lending library to renew your item but they are not obligated to grant renewals.  

How long are PDF files available on the ILL server?

  • Most journal article and book chapters are delivered to you in electronic PDF format. When you receive an email that your ILL article is available, follow the emailed link to log into your ILL account and look for the PDF under Electronically Received Articles. Copies are available for 30 days only. 

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