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For instructions on how to sign-up and register for an AU course please see:  AU PORTAL COURSE SIGN-UP Instructions.

For detailed information on EPME DL related courses or protocol please see the following:


Examples of questioned covered:

2. How do I get into AU Portal? It is telling me I do not have an account, but will not let me create one. Plus, I know I have one!

3. How do I create an Enlisted Student Support account?

4. Why hasn’t my test posted?

5. Why can’t I order my test?

6. How do I extend? Why didn’t my extension work in my course?

7. The edition number for my Course material is different, am I studying the right


8. How do I get into Canvas?

9. Why is my rank wrong? Why does the course show me as AMN, 1st Lt or 2nd Lt?

10. How do I get my Certificate or Records Updated?

11. How do I update my Test Control Facility (TCF [Testing Location])?


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