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Activation of customer service module (CSM) on AU Service Desk

On 1 Apr the AU Service Desk will be activating a new module for Customer Service Management (CSM). This is the beginning of a more customer-centric approach to providing assistance to customers. The initial rollout consolidates transcript and diploma requests from 5 forms to 2 and contains walkthroughs with more direct access to technicians for enrollment and access issues. All other processes have slightly different navigation but remain unchanged. The most striking change is the introduction of a new portal for customers to submit tickets. The current portal will remain but will only be accessible by internal staff working tickets.  Please see:  KB0030445: AU Education Services Portal Overview

For additional information on EPME DL courses please see the following FAQs


Students may be dis-enrolled from the program under the conditions of course failure or nonparticipation
(enrollment period expiration), or for resident course attendance. Students are
authorized to immediately re- request re-enrollment into the course after dis-enrollment
dependent upon their enrollment history. Students who fail to maintain eligibility requirements
or comply with Air Force, EPME or course policies may be dis-enrolled at the direction of the Dean,
EPME Academic Affairs and restricted from future re-enrollment. Dis-enrolled students will not have
access to the course materials.


Course Failure

Students who fail the course will be dis-enrolled. Course failure is defined as failing to
achieve the passing score on the final course examination and subsequent retest, with both
attempts occurring during the same enrollment.

Students are allowed two test failures prior to dis-enrollment for course failure status. After
the second course failure and prior to the subsequent course enrollment, students must
submit a Re-enrollment MFR signed by the appropriate level of leadership given the
guidelines below to re-enroll in the course. Review the Tongue and Quill (AFH 33-337)
found on the Air Force E-Publishing website for proper MFR formatting. Any future course
re-enrollments will require the signature of the next level of supervision as prescribed to
ensure leadership is aware of the member's challenges with PME progression.

• 1 Course Failure – Student can simply re-enroll.
• 2 Course Failures require a Re-enrollment MFR signed by student and immediate
• 3 Course Failures require a Re-enrollment MFR signed by student, supervisor, and
squadron commander.
• 4 Course Failures (and all subsequent Course Failures) require a Re-enrollment MFR
signed by student, supervisor, squadron commander and group commander (or first 0-
6 in the chain of command).
A template for this MFR can be found on the Service Now website by searching any or all
of the title: “EPME Re-enrollment Request Letter & Policy”


Students are dis-enrolled once the program enrollment period expires. This type of
disenrollment is termed non-participation time (NPT). Students dis-enrolled for nonparticipation
time are able to immediately request re-enrollment by placing a ticket.

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