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Activation of customer service module (CSM) on AU Service Desk

On 1 Apr the AU Service Desk will be activating a new module for Customer Service Management (CSM). This is the beginning of a more customer-centric approach to providing assistance to customers. The initial rollout consolidates transcript and diploma requests from 5 forms to 2 and contains walkthroughs with more direct access to technicians for enrollment and access issues. All other processes have slightly different navigation but remain unchanged. The most striking change is the introduction of a new portal for customers to submit tickets. The current portal will remain but will only be accessible by internal staff working tickets.  Please see:  KB0030445: AU Education Services Portal Overview

For additional information on EPME DL courses please see the following FAQs


Academic and Testing Requirements (for Legacy NCO DLC Course) are as follows:

Each of the 3 sets (for Legacy NCO DLC Course) have a test

Course Foundation - 30 questions

Leadership and Management - 37 questions

Operational Airman - 33 questions

Students have 2hrs to complete the test.

Order/Schedule Test (for Legacy NCO DLC Course)

Students schedule and take exams through their selected Test Control Facility (TCF) by entering the Course section of their "View Progress" screen and clicking on the "Order" link next to their course, then calling their TCF to schedule the specific test number populated. If "Order" is not displayed, the test number will be which means it was already ordered and just needs to be scheduled. If the first test is a fail, the second test is automatically ordered which will remove the option for the student to order the next test and again, the test number will already be displayed. Students then contact their TCF to schedule that next test. TCFs are also able to answer questions/concerns in reference to course exams/testing.

Test scores (for Legacy NCO DLC Course) take up to 3 business days to process. Beyond 3 business days, a ticket will have to be submitted to Service Now with your USR (unofficial score report). A fail can be submitted by you, but a pass must be submitted by your UTM, Supervisor, TCO, or the like, on your behalf.

Student must have an active enrollment to test. Test administrators MUST use AUSIS to verify enrollment prior to retest. Retest may not be administered earlier than 48 hours after initial test failure. The retest must be a different exam version from the one failed. Test administrators MUST use AUSIS to determine the correct version of the retest.

Testing (for Legacy NCO DLC Course)

Students must pass a summative examination for each set in order to graduate from the program. End of course (EOC) summative examinations are administered by an Education Center or Test Control Facility (TCF). EOC examinations are administered electronically using the E-exam system. Students are permitted up to two hours to take an examination. Students are not permitted to employ any reference documents or notes of any kind during the test administration. Testing on the same EOC examination back-to-back is prohibited and will result in a passing test being deleted and student will then have to retest.

Students who fail to achieve a passing score on the EOC examination are authorized a retest. However, students are not allowed to test again immediately. For all test failures, the TCF will first submit the examination to AU for official grading and posting into AUSIS. Once the student’s record is updated to reflect the failure, the student’s next test will automatically be ordered through AUSIS and he or she must then coordinate a testing appointment with their TCF. Students must wait a minimum of 48 hours to retest. (**Again, students must also ensure they do not take the same test version back-to-back**)

Test Question Challenges

Students have the option of challenging a question during the EOC examination. Challenges must be made before completing the examination. Once testing is complete and students leave the TCF, students will not discuss test questions with anyone, including EPME Academic Affairs personnel, no matter the means of communication (e.g., e- mail, text, or phone). No test question challenges will be accepted or discussed outside of the E-exam system. Students who experience a technical issue with the E-exam terminal should immediately notify the test proctor for guidance.

Test Control Facility Identification (for Legacy NCO DLC Course)

Students select a TCF Identification (TCF ID) number during their original program enrollment action in AUSIS. The TCF ID corresponds to the location where the student plans to take the EOC examination. Students may change the selected TCF ID on the "View Progress" screen in AUSIS at any point during their enrollment. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure the accuracy of the TCF ID prior to ordering their EOC examination to prevent delays in the testing coordination process. If the test has already been ordered to a facility and the student needs to test elsewhere, they can change the TCF themselves, then place a ticket requesting the test be reordered so it will be ordered to the correct facility.


Extensions are no longer offered. Students are able to self-enroll twice before they must be enrolled by an admin. Once the program expires, please attempt to re-enroll. If the student is unable to re-enroll, please submit a ticket to Service Now requesting re-enrollment. All passing tests will follow from one enrollment to the next so long as the program does not become obsolete. Therefore, students should move at an adequate pace through the course as NCO DLC 2.0 should take no longer than 4 months to complete.

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